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Software to Copy Karaoke

If you love music, singing and having a great time with your friends, why didn’t you create a karaoke studio at home?! Actually it is not at all that difficult as it can appear from the first time if you have a computer and proper software. You probably have the first, but you have no idea where to find the latter? No problem if you came to Power Karaoke as on our website you will find the variety of powerful software to copy karaoke, create and burn karaoke CD+G discs and much more.

Many of us adore singing karaoke, yet very few of us know where karaoke came from. Actually, the word �karaoke� came from two Japanese words meaning empty and orchestra. Karaoke started in Japan and then spread to the rest of Eastern Asia in the 1980s and from there has spread worldwide. It is enjoyed in many countries worldwide and has many fans.

If you want to practice your singing at home, there is nothing better than to create a karaoke studio with your home PC. Power Karaoke makes this task rather easy with the help of our top-notch quality karaoke tools that can be downloaded directly from our website.

Our powerful software to copy karaoke and other karaoke products will allow to perform the variety of manipulations. With the help of our all-in-one karaoke pro tools you can burn CD+G karaoke discs on your computer, save CD+G karaoke tracks on a hard disc, copy CD+G karaoke discs, etc. DJ karaoke software writes and reads CD+G (BIN, CDG, and MP3G) karaoke songs on most of modern CD and DVD drives so you may rest assured that it will perfectly work on you computer as well.

In addition to all the above mentioned advantages, our karaoke pro tools are amazingly easy-to-use as they have wizard-style interface that is user-friendly even for a newbie. So if you are one of those trying to sing along with the lyrics on a screen, Power Karaoke is the right place for you.

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