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Karaoke Copyright Software to Protect Your CD+G Collection - Power CD+G Stamper

Protect Karaoke CD+G

Privacy is considered to be one of the major issues in the karaoke field. With the evolution of computer technologies it has become incredibly easy to copy any discs as well as to rip files from a hard drive. In addition to copying karaoke discs, there is also a huge problem of putting up karaoke songs or video files on various sharing Web resources. If you are a professional KJ wondering how to protect the unique collection of your own custom-made karaoke CD+G, DVD discs, tracks or any other karaoke files from copying and further illegal use, consider Power CD+G Stamper from Power Karaoke as the only solution you may require.

Actually, we are an established karaoke software development company with more than 10 years of related experience. Many of our programs have become a real breakthrough in the karaoke field. And today we’re proud to offer you our next invention - Power CD+G Stamper that is a unique karaoke copyright software solution designed specifically to protect your karaoke CD+G tracks.

The main principle of Power CD+G Stamper work is very simple - you add any personalized text to your custom karaoke tracks, videos, discs, etc. and when someone copies your karaoke songs, this signature will give them away. In order to protect ripped karaoke CD+G files you will have to stamp them with your venue name or place any other customized wording. Adding names and phone numbers on the title page is also within the functionality of our copyright program. In such a way, these karaoke files copied from your hard drive can’t be later used for any purpose.

With our advanced software you can also customize commercial CD+G karaoke files and make them unique by adding any text or image to a particular song. Power CD+G Stamper allows to choose any convenient place for a signature, the color and font of a signature or use any images instead of a signature. By indicating tracks you wish to modify, you can have all of your files processed at once.

As any other our karaoke software solutions, Power CD+G Stamper perfectly runs on Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit), Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems and won’t load your PC as requires very basic computer resources.

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