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Karaoke DVD Player

Although, initially scoffed at as a temporary fad, within a short period of time karaoke machine has become a popular feature of nightclubs and entertainment bars around the Globe. Despite the heavy pricing, people were open to the idea of singing to the voiceless tunes of famous stars. Power Karaoke is ready to provide you with more than just a karaoke player - we offer you the unique opportunity to play karaoke DVD directly from your home PC.

If you are looking for simple, yet powerful karaoke DVD player to install on your computer, Power Karaoke is the right place. On our website you will find probably the best karaoke DVD player software available on the Web. With the help of our karaoke DVD software you will easily create, burn, copy and play karaoke DVD disks absolutely hassle-free. In such a manner, you personal computer will also act as a karaoke DVD player studio.

Our karaoke DVD player software is indispensable when it comes to promoting vocalists who have talent, but no band to back them up. If you want to have a karaoke studio at home and play karaoke DVDs whenever you want, you don’t have to buy any expensive karaoke equipment anymore.

Power Karaoke provides you with the opportunity to play karaoke DVD discs simply with the help of your personal computer and without any hassles. With Power Karaoke you will compile and burn DVD karaoke discs from CD+G discs and MP3G files with hundreds of songs! Just record and play karaoke DVD discs on your computer with the Karaoke DVD Burner whenever you wish.

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