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Home Karaoke Player Software: Play CD+G Karaoke Files, How to Play CD+G on a Computer

Home Karaoke Player Software

"Passionate" is an ideal word to describe most of karaoke fans. Do you like karaoke singing as well? Then you may be interested in learning how to play CD+G discs on a computer to enjoy singing karaoke songs without having to leave your home. Power Karaoke is here to offer you professional home karaoke player software designed to change your karaoke experience making it more full and enjoyable.

While the most of karaoke machines you can see in clubs are bulky and may cost thousands of dollars, our Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder is a cost-effective, yet convenient way to enjoy karaoke pastime whenever you want. This home karaoke player software includes everything you need to play CD+G discs on a computer from the privacy of your own home. You are able to play CD+G karaoke files directly from your CD/DVD drive and CD+G songs (MP3G and ZIP) from the hard drive.

With no doubt, you will be impressed by our powerful home karaoke player software features. Our Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder comes with a clear user-friendly interface showing you how to play CD+G discs on a computer in different modes as well as advanced features to enhance and manipulate vocals while you are singing. You can play CD+G karaoke files, record your voice and listen to your performance in order to discover possible drawbacks and fix them in future.

Power Karaoke is here to show you how to play CD+G discs on a computer and share a wonderful karaoke experience with your friends and family without the necessity to buy expensive karaoke equipment. Whether you are planning to organize a karaoke party or just practice your singing skills, our home karaoke player software can be the perfect choice for any related needs you have.

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