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Karaoke Song Processing: Change the Key and Tempo of a Song

Karaoke Song Processing

Why do you like karaoke? As a rule, singing gives us a wonderful opportunity to do something extraordinary and express our emotions. Once you try this addictive and fun activity, you’ll probably become passionate about karaoke singing. If you are an ardent karaoke fan, you probably have a comprehensive selection of karaoke tracks you love to sing. But would you like to enjoy karaoke singing to the fullest? Don't hesitate to use special karaoke audio effects!

Actually, song processing is a very useful option if you would like to perform some songs, but they don't suit your voice (for example, because their tone is too high or too low). Power Karaoke is here to assist you with all your karaoke needs. We take special pride by offering our clients powerful Karaoke Sound Tools allowing you to get professional quality tracks that will match your singing ability to the fullest.

Our innovative karaoke song processing program will come in handy whether you are a professional KJ or an amateur singer, who wish to enjoy karaoke singing from the comfort of your own home. Our Karaoke Sound Tools consist of three modules: vocal remover, key changer and tempo changer allowing you to easily process MP3, WAV, BIN and MP3G (MP3 and CDG) file formats.

Let's take a closer look to overall functionality of Karaoke Sound Tools. An advanced vocal remover will do exactly as it says � remove lead vocal parts from non-karaoke CD recordings along with creating multiplex tracks. If you would like to adjust a song to your voice, use a key changer allowing to change the pitch tone of the song up to 12 semitones either up or down (you can even process karaoke songs with lyrics like BIN and MP3G). Another important part of a sound is tempo. With our tempo changer tool you can speed up or slow down any track and change its mood while retaining the same key of a song (without changing the pitch).

There is hardly any difficulty when using Karaoke Sound Tools as besides a detailed online manual it comes with a clear and user-friendly interface.

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