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Karaoke Sound Tools - Software to Remove Vocals from the Songs

Karaoke Sound Program

If you really enjoy singing, then you probably know that purchasing CDs and DVDs with traditional karaoke songs can be rather costly. There is a good choice of karaoke music on the market today with a wide selection of genres from pop to jazz and rock. However, sometimes it can be rather tricky to find your favorite songs and especially the latest hits. Now, imagine that you can instantly get a karaoke version of any song you already have. Sounds great? From now on there is no more need to spend a fortune on karaoke discs and wait for months for the release of your desirable song.

With the appearance of karaoke audio processing software it has become a reality. It allows you to transform any music material you have on your hard disc or CDs and DVDs into songs without vocals. If you are interested in getting this kind of karaoke software that will match all your singing needs, you’ve come to the right place. Power Karaoke is here to offer you exactly what you need - Karaoke Sound Tools designed to make a difference to your karaoke experience.

By using our vocal remover module you can not only remove leading vocal parts from any CD recording, but also remove vocals from non-centered recordings, adjust treble and bass boost, control vocal removing level as well as create multiplex tracks. The key changer module allows you to adjust any song to your voice by changing the pitch in -12 to +12 semitone range; the original tempo of a song still remains. With the music tempo changer you can slow down or speed up a song up to 2 times slower or faster while keeping the original song key.

Through its intuitive user-friendly interface Karaoke Sound Tools will let you master all the techniques on how to remove vocals from music, change the song key and tempo. Now, when you know how to manage audio processing successfully, you can sing any song you like. Enjoy ultimate karaoke experience with all-in-one Karaoke Sound Tools from Power Karaoke.

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