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Professional KJ Software, Run a Karaoke Show from Your Laptop with Siglos Karaoke Professional

Professional KJ Program

Have you decided to make your favorite entertainment, such as karaoke singing, your business at the same time by starting a karaoke jockey career? Do you need a professional KJ software solution allowing you to run a karaoke show from your laptop? You’ve come to the right place, as Siglos Karaoke Professional by Power Karaoke is the only program you may require to turn your personal computer into a sophisticated karaoke machine.

From now on you’ll never bother yourself with the hassle of carrying hundreds of discs, risking their damage and loss as our professional KJ software features a powerful built-in database module that will scan your hard drive, index karaoke songs and then provide you with the search interface to help you find songs in a matter of a few mouse clicks. Siglos Karaoke Professional also features external screen support, which means you can continue working with the program window while lyrics are being displayed on the external TV screen.

As a professional KJ software solution, Siglos Karaoke Professional supports various karaoke file formats: you can play MP3G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI, MCG and KMA karaoke tracks as well as karaoke files in AVI or MPEG video formats to run a karaoke show from your laptop. Singer rotation management, singer announcements, song silence detector, singer history, key and tempo changer are only a few of available options of this high-end toolkit.

Indeed, our highly professional KJ software is designed to empower your computer with the functionality and facilities of a stand-alone karaoke machine without costing you a fortune. Without a doubt, you’ll find it a real pleasure to run your karaoke show from the laptop with Siglos Karaoke Professional being installed. And a free trial version available will help you make the most deliberate choice.

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