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Karaoke Tools to Remove Vocals

While many entertainment activities have turned to be a thing of the past, karaoke singing still keeps one of the leading positions around the Globe. Both kids and adults, men and women like this wonderful opportunity to express their singing passion and feel like real pop or rock stars. If only a few years ago karaoke entertainment was available in karaoke clubs and some other specific public areas only, today with the appearance of home karaoke machines and software solutions, it has become incredibly easy to enjoy this exciting pastime from the comfort of your own home.

From now on, you can enjoy ultimate karaoke fun while singing alone or together with your family or friends at home karaoke parties. So, if you like this idea, it's high time to get specific karaoke software that will help you turn your standard computer or laptop into a real karaoke machine. At our karaoke site we advise you to start from audio processing tools that allow to make a karaoke version from any track by removing leading vocals. This is perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective way to enjoy karaoke singing at home.

Our Karaoke Sound Tools is a multifunctional software solution that along with a powerful vocal remover has two more useful modules - an audio tempo changer and key changer to allow you adjust any song to your individual voice. Moreover, it works perfectly with all popular file formats, including MP3, WAV, BIN, MP3G (MP3 + CDG) and many others.

While removing vocal parts from your music files, you can control the amount of bass, treble processing, adjust output attenuation and even accomplish multiplex tasks by dividing vocal and instrumental parts to different channels. Our tempo changer allows to speed up or slow down the tempo of a song with the original song key remaining the same. If you need to change music key, then the third module may come in handy. It makes it very easy to change the song pitch in -12 to +12 semitones to better suit your voice.

The advanced preview option of Karaoke Sound Tools may help you listen to processing results at any stage in real time, play any selected song part in loop for fine-tuning as well as to control the playback position. Download a free trial version of our solution and get a clear picture of its functionality today.

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