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Best Karaoke Sound Tools: Remove Vocals, Change the Key of a Song, Change the Tempo of a Song

Best Karaoke Sound Tools

Are you a keen karaoke fan? Have you got already a wide selection of karaoke software solutions including karaoke players, burners and converters to enjoy karaoke fun with your friends at home and in your own style rather than spending large sums of money at karaoke clubs singing the same songs in a cloying manner? However, do you still feel lack of something to fulfill your karaoke singing passion? Then our powerful karaoke sound tools are exactly what you are looking for.

If you are interested in finding such tools and take your karaoke entertainment to the next level, you have come to the right place, as PowerKaraoke.com is the only online destination you need to download the best karaoke sound tools for absolutely hassle-free karaoke audio processing. Actually, this karaoke software solution includes three powerful and convenient modules: a vocal remover, key changer and tempo changer � all are developed using the latest and industry-leading technologies. It supports various audio formats, including MP3, WAV, BIN, MP3+G, etc. and can be fine-tuned in real time.

With the help of the first module (vocal remover) you can remove vocals from audio recordings by taking advantage of several useful techniques allowing you to control the amount of bass, treble boost and the intensity of effects, adjust vocal removing level, increase the volume of an output and create multiplex tracks with vocals and instrumental parts being in different channels. Our advanced key changer tool makes it possible to change the key of a song up to twelve semitones either up or down holding the same tempo and without adding a so called �chipmunk’ effect to the music. Tempo change module allows speeding up or slowing down the song up to two times while retaining the same key of a song. If you change the tempo of a song in karaoke BIN or MP3+G format, the graphics and lyrics of a song will also be adjusted.

Another additional benefit of audio processing with our Karaoke Sound Tools is that you can listen to the processing results in real time before changing the entire file. This advanced preview option also allows you to control the playback position and play any necessary part of a track in loop to fine-tune it.

One of the main advantages of Karaoke Sound Tools from Power Karaoke is that they are extremely easy-to-use � if you have basic computer skills and know how to use standard PC programs, then you may have a peace of mind knowing that you are skilled enough to take full advantage of our software to remove vocals from audio, adjust the key of tracks and change the tempo of songs.

By ordering our best karaoke sound tools, you get all of them coming in a single software package, while many other karaoke software companies provide these tools separately and at considerably higher prices. Whether you need to remove vocals from audio, change the key or tempo of a song, our smart Karaoke Sound Tools will get the job done in just a few easy steps!

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