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Are you an ardent karaoke fan? Have you already installed the range of karaoke software solutions on your home PC including karaoke players, recorders, CD+G and DVD burners, etc.? What about karaoke file conversion? How do you like the idea of converting karaoke CD+G files to karaoke videos with various exciting effects?

If you wish to turn your home computer into a fully-functional karaoke machine, welcome to PowerKaraoke.com! We’re ready to provide you with one of the best karaoke software solutions available on the martket today for converting your favorite tracks with ease - Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter and Power CD+G to iPod Karaoke Converter designed to be indispensable tools for karaoke fans of all skill levels.

Let’s take a closer look how this converting applications may benefit you. Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter is a stand-alone software tool allowing to convert CD+G discs and CDG/MP3G/BIN files from your hard disc to karaoke videos in AVI or MPEG formats. For your ultimate convenience you can take advantage of a batch mode to convert multiple files at once and, what’s also important, you can replace a solid CD+G background with any of images you like.

Power CD+G to iPod Karaoke Converter provides you with the unique opportunity to enjoy karaoke entertainment just wherever you go. Through numerous advanced options and technologies, it makes extremely easy to convert CD+G discs or CDG/BIN/MP3G files into iPod-compatible mp4 video files. In such a way, you can easily enhance the functionality of your iPod turning it into a portable karaoke machine.

Both these karaoke conversion programs from Power Karaoke can be used in two modes: �direct CD+G disc converting mode’ and �files from hard disc converting mode’. They feature a handy, user-friendly interface and come additionally with step-by-step tutorials that will teach you all the aspects of their running.

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