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Removing Vocals from Songs

Do you wish to impress your guests with advanced singing skills and unique voice similar to popular stars? But unfortunately, you don’t have neither karaoke machine nor karaoke player at hand, so you will have to sing over a song trying to be louder than the original voice? Or probably, you want to sing the songs from the new album of your favorite artist on your coming home karaoke party, but it’s simply impossible as their karaoke versions are still not available. Do you feel despair?

Don’t worry! You can easily make all this happen with Karaoke Sound Tools from PowerKaraoke.com. They can work with any track ever recorded making it incredibly easy to remove leading vocals from a track, as well as to change the audio tempo and adjust the key of a song. From now on, you can forget about the hassles of browsing the Internet or store shelves for a desirable karaoke track - with Karaoke Sound Tools you can customize any song the way you need.

Our package consists of three modules - vocal remover, key changer and tempo changer. In accordance with its main mission, our vocal remover allows removing vocals from MP3 and many other non-karaoke recordings. It also has additional features, such as level control, changing balance, attenuation, bass and treble boost. In such a way, it ensures perfect results for the majority of audio tracks.

The key changer module allows to adjust the song key by changing the pitch tone for up to twelve semitones either up or down avoiding so-called �chipmunk’ effect or making time speed up or down. You should be aware that pitch shifting may slightly lower the quality of the music - it gives better results for instrumental parts and worse for a human voice. With the tempo changer you can change audio tempo while retaining the same key of a song. It is possible to slow down any song twice and speed it up also for two times.

When you change the audio tempo of BIN or MP3G tracks, the graphics part of your karaoke song will also be adjusted, making lyrics in sync with a slower or faster version of a song. Besides, all these three modules work perfectly with MP3, WAV, BIN and CD+G files. The added benefit that Karaoke Sound Tools have to offer is the advanced preview option: you can listen to the processed results in real-time.

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