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Professional Karaoke Programs

If karaoke singing has become your favorite entertainment or you enjoy singing alone, then professional karaoke programs are must have tools for you. Computer karaoke programs are also beneficial for those who just want to stop spending money at karaoke clubs and move karaoke entertainment to the convenient home environment.

Do you belong to any of these types of karaoke fans? Would you like to have professional karaoke programs installed on your computer system? You’ve come to the right place! Power Karaoke is here to offer you the best karaoke software programs available on the market today that can convert your common home PC into a professional performance studio without spending a fortune.

All our professional karaoke programs are very popular among professional karaoke singers, karaoke jockeys as well as karaoke amateurs, as they are designed to deliver an extensive choice of sophisticated techniques and beneficial features along with unparalleled ease-of-use. From recording karaoke tracks to converting CD+G files into iPod-compatible videos, our complete line of the best karaoke software programs allows you to find any solution you may need to meet your objectives.

As one of the leading karaoke software brands, Power Karaoke is continuously working on the range of new products and tools, and today we are ready to offer you:

  • Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder and Power CD+G Player Pro to play any karaoke formats without any hassles.
  • Karaoke CD+G Creator and Karaoke Video Creator for creation of your own CD+G tracks and karaoke video clips.
  • Power CD+G Burner and Karaoke DVD Burner to make your own custom collection of CD or DVD karaoke discs.
  • Siglos Karaoke Professional � a preferable choice for professional karaoke jockeys.
  • Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter and Power CD+G to iPod Karaoke Converter to convert CD+G discs into AVI or MPEG karaoke movies or even make them iPod compatible.
  • Karaoke Sound Tools for custom karaoke audio processing, including vocals remover along with the key and tempo changers.

All our products come with comprehensive manuals to provide you with the detailed information on their use, functionality and give answers on any related questions that may arise. Singing like a star and running your own karaoke party at home are no longer challenging tasks if you are using the best karaoke software programs from Power Karaoke!

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