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Video Karaoke Creator Software, Create Your Own Video Karaoke with Karaoke Video Creator

Video Karaoke Creator Software

Do you love singing karaoke with your family or friends on weekend gatherings or at some special home parties and events? Now imagine how delightful it will be to see your own video or a slide project with your photos as a background while singing your favorite song. This will definitely increase your pleasure from karaoke singing and add a unique touch to your karaoke entertainment.

At Power Karaoke we know how to bring this idea into life by offering you one of the best video karaoke creator software solutions available on the market. We made it incredibly easy and exciting to create your own video karaoke tracks. Our Karaoke Video Creator comes with a detailed tutorial that will guide you through the process of creating your own karaoke video songs.

You have two basic options to create your own video karaoke � either do it from scratch or convert MIDI karaoke to video AVI or MPEG formats. Any of MP3 or WAV files will serve perfectly as a karaoke soundtrack. With the help of built-in Power Vocal Remover you can remove lead vocal from various non-karaoke CD recordings in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Entering lyrics is one of the most crucial things when creating a karaoke song. Our video karaoke creator software provides multiple ways for entering lyrics, including: importing of lyrics from a text or MIDI karaoke file, typing lyrics directly from the clipboard or searching for lyrics on the Web.

As an advanced solution, Karaoke Video Creator from Power Karaoke allows you to fine-tune your karaoke videos the way you like: you may insert background images and videos anywhere in a song, create title and credits screen, change fonts, display images and much more. From now on there’s nothing easier than to create your own video karaoke track with the help of video karaoke creator software from Power Karaoke!

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