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If karaoke singing is your favorite entertainment and pastime, probably, you would like to create your own CD+G discs with quality karaoke versions of popular songs at home. In such a case you need a full-featured karaoke burner tool designed for CD+G karaoke discs burning and ripping directly on your PC. Power Karaoke is ready to offer you a powerful and all-in-one solution to write, copy and play CD+G karaoke discs instead of wasting your valuable time on searching for suitable karaoke tools throughout the Web.

Our Power CD+G Burner is full-featured karaoke burner software, which allows to burn BIN, CD+G, MP3G and KMA files on most of modern CD-R drives without any hassles. This advanced CD+G burning program allows you also save and copy your favorite CD+G karaoke songs in MP3G and ZIP formats on a hard disc.

Whether you are a beginner in karaoke field or a professional karaoke singer, you will easily learn how to burn karaoke CD on your computer. Our karaoke burner software is probably the easiest way to create your own CD+G discs. Now it is a matter of a few mouse clicks: you simply select the files you would like to burn and click a button to save them on your hard drive.

With the high-quality karaoke CD+G burning tool from Power Karaoke you have the wonderful opportunity to collect your favorite karaoke songs from various CD+G discs, burn them directly on your personal computer and enjoy karaoke singing at home.

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