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Copy CD+G Discs, How to Copy Karaoke Discs with Power Karaoke

Copy CD+G Discs

Everyone knows about the discs used in karaoke clubs or by karaoke jockeys to run professional karaoke shows. It may seem like virtually any song can be found as a karaoke track. However, while karaoke CDs are widely available online and in specialty shops, it’s virtually impossible to find all tracks you want on a single CD. Due to this reason, many karaoke fans try to create their own karaoke discs containing their favorite songs and videos.

We are here to show you how to copy karaoke discs with a few mouse clicks and make your own CD+G discs with minimum hassles and efforts. Whether you are going to make backup copies of your existing karaoke CD or create a unique CD+G disc with popular tracks from the comfort of your own home, our Power CD+G Burner is designed to meet any your related requirements.

Don’t waste your money on additional third party software. Our professional karaoke program is an ideal solution for any your writing, reading and copying tasks. Similarly to a book library, where people store their favorite publications, Power CD+G Burner allows you to create your own collection of karaoke CDs suiting specifically to your taste. You can burn BIN, MP3+G and KMA files to a CD without converting or interleaving, rip CD+G tracks to a hard disc in BIN or CDG+MP3 formats and copy karaoke discs with no efforts.

There is no need to purchase expensive karaoke discs for one or two songs that you like. From now on it’s extremely easy to copy CD+G discs as well as rip karaoke songs from original CDs and burn them to a custom disc that you make. Moreover, you have an excellent opportunity to create a personalized disc printing the labels for your CD case or use our Power CD+G Stamper to add text/image to your own or commercial CD+G karaoke songs to customize them.

If you are still looking for a cost-effective way to expand your karaoke disc collection or just wondering how to copy karaoke discs, take advantage of Power CD+G Burner. This advanced software to burn and copy CD+G discs works successfully under Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit)/Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 OS.

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