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World has become one big village during last years and karaoke plays a significant role in the process of globalization. Several tens years ago, someone in Japan thought there was a need for this type of entertainment; and he was right! Karaoke has become tremendously popular around the world and now karaoke fans have even more advantages. Today almost everyone who has personal computer can have video karaoke studio at home. PowerKaraoke is ready to provide you with powerful karaoke video software to make an outstanding karaoke video in addition to karaoke you used to sing.

A few decades ago (in Japan), �karaoke boxes� were created for people who wished to hear themselves singing. They were soundproof, just in case the singer was not so good. These boxes were set up just anywhere - from subway stations to street corners. Eventually, Karaoke bars began to spring up all over Japan and later � all over the World including the US. Today with the help of PowerKaraoke and our Power Video Karaoke you can enjoy singing and watching karaoke video from the convenience of your own home.

Singing has long been a part of different nation culture and this is the one thing that is common for every country. Singing brings feelings of happiness: corporate employees all over the World tend to feel a sense of relief from their fast-paced lives when they sing. Karaoke is a natural outcome of people wishes and you can get a lot of joy from it as well.

If you want to have the best video karaoke studio at home, you are welcome at PowerKaraoke website to download free trial versions of our software before direct purchase.

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