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Best Karaoke DVD Burner

If you’ve ever tried karaoke singing, then you will definitely agree that it is an excellent way to relax and enjoy a wonderful pastime with friends and family over the weekends or every single day. But are you tired of singing the same songs from your existing karaoke DVD discs? Are you willing to expand your collection of karaoke discs with DVDs of your own choice and with the content completely matching your taste and preferences? Then we’re here to address your needs. We take special pride in offering you one of the best karaoke DVD burner software available on the market � Karaoke DVD Burner combining top-notch functionality with reasonable pricing.

Actually, with our full-featured computer karaoke DVD burner you’re going to enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere while singing alone or together with your friends during a wonderful home karaoke party, as now you will be playing your own custom DVD discs containing songs of your choice. Power Karaoke DVD Burner is a user-friendly yet sophisticated program to burn karaoke DVDs from CD+G discs and MP3G files with unmatched ease, and now we are going to give you some useful tips and instructions to help you master it in every aspect and let you get the most out from our Karaoke DVD Burner.

Perfectly working on different versions of Windows including XP, 2000, Vista and 7, our Karaoke DVD Burner allows to compile and burn karaoke DVDs from CD+G discs and MP3G files that can be further played on your home computer, laptop or any standard DVD player. You don’t have to worry about finding special equipment or hardware � use just your standard computer DVD writer.

To start the burning process import BIN, MP3G (pairs of CDG and MP3 files) or AVI files from your hard disc or read songs directly from CD+G discs using built-in CD+G disc reader. You may fit up to 300 songs per disc using standard compression settings. Another great feature that you will definitely find very useful and beneficial is that it automatically creates menus with navigation buttons added if needed for a DVD disc. According to your individual preferences Karaoke DVD Burner can organize it the form of folders (this allows you to arrange songs in alphabetic order, by genre or by karaoke disc the songs came from) or a flat directory structure (disc will have only one level of menus, containing all songs).

In order to get more clear picture of various features and benefits our best Karaoke DVD Burner has to offer you, download its free trial version and see our program in action.

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