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How to Make a CD+G Karaoke Track from MP3, WAV or KAR - Karaoke CD+G Creator

How to Make a Karaoke Track

Do you continue spending a fortune on various karaoke discs in your local music stores or making online purchases through the Internet? Then it's definitely worth to read the information below. From now on it's possible to make karaoke tracks on your own without any professional assistance or specific equipment, while using just your standard home computer and possessing only basic technical skills. And Powerkaraoke.com is your number-one online source for the best karaoke software advancements in the field.

Our Karaoke CD+G Creator is a smart, multifunctional tool for making karaoke tracks with a few mouse clicks. While coming with a very extensive and powerful toolkit, it offers maximum flexibility - through its intuitive interface available you will quickly learn how to make a karaoke track from an MP3 or WAV file and convert MIDI karaoke (KAR) to a CD+G karaoke format. As an alternative option, built-in Power Vocal Remover allows to create karaoke songs by removing lead vocals from various non-karaoke CD recordings.

Overall functionality of our Karaoke CD+G Creator is not limited to making a karaoke track from scratch only - you can fine-tune and customize your newly created karaoke songs by inserting title and credits screens, changing text fonts and colors, displaying particular images throughout a song and adding many other amazing features to make your karaoke tracks really unique. It is also easy to replace original lyrics with your own version to make song parodies or translations.

While costing $99 only, Karaoke CD+G Creator by Power Karaoke provides you with virtually unlimited opportunities to create your own karaoke database. An additional advantage is that you no longer have to wait for karaoke version releases of the latest hits - you can do them on your own in a matter of a few minutes. In such a way, our comprehensive CD+G creator software solution allows you to make your own custom karaoke song collection with minimal financial investments.

In such a way, karaoke creating is no longer a challenge, but rather an easy process of just selecting files you would like to burn and clicking a button.

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