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Karaoke Player and Recorder Software: Play Karaoke CD+G Songs

Karaoke Player and Recorder Software

What is the main purpose of karaoke clubs? Of course, such places allow people to be in the spotlight performing their favorite songs and just having fun. However, many people are not ready to sing on public. If that is your case and you would like to recreate a karaoke club atmosphere at home, welcome to Power Karaoke. We take special pride in offering advanced karaoke player and recorder software solutions designed to play karaoke CD+G songs and discs just from your home PC.

In order to entertain your friends with a home karaoke party and sing karaoke songs from the privacy of your own home, you don’t have to buy an expensive and bulky karaoke machine anymore. With our Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder you can easily turn your home PC into a karaoke machine that has all necessary options for playing CD+G discs and songs.

From now on you are free to sing everywhere and whatever you like. Our karaoke player and recorder software allows playing CD+G discs and files from your hard disc or CD/DVD drive. Moreover, this advanced program comes with the ability to play karaoke songs of various popular file formats (including MP3G, zipped MP3G, BIN, MIDI karaoke, and KMA files as well as any other multimedia files supported by Windows). You can easily download a free trial version right now and see it in action.

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder has all the features you may expect from more expensive professional karaoke programs. Would you like to practice your singing in a really effective way? We advise you to record your voice while you sing along. Then you can listen to your singing and analyze it more thoroughly. This will help you improve your singing skills and take them to a new level. In addition, our powerful karaoke player and recorder software includes such useful options as pitch control and key changer allowing a singer to play karaoke CD+G songs and adjust them to his/her own voice.

Whether you are a party person, who plans to organize an unforgettable karaoke party at home, or an amateur singer looking to build confidence and enhance own singing skills, welcome to Power Karaoke! Our full-featured software solutions will help you sing karaoke just from your home PC with minimum efforts and investments from your side.

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