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Burn, Create, Play, Convert and Copy CD+G Discs with Power Karaoke Software

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Today with an abundance of entertainment choices and a wide selection of different opportunities to spend an unforgettable pastime people are still looking for something unusual that can make everyday life more fun and enjoyable. Karaoke is a great invention of the 20th century that can not only easily solve the problem of your free time, but also become the highlight of any party. Karaoke is becoming more popular day by day and it’s really hard to imagine a city without some karaoke bars or clubs available. But it's also universally known that for this amusement you need special equipment that is complex in use and rather expensive.

If karaoke has become the number one entertainment all over the world, why not make your own karaoke studio at home on your PC, so that you can enjoy all the opportunities of this wonderful pastime whenever you want? From now on you can enjoy singing in your free time without going somewhere out with our karaoke software and make your home parties the event your friends won't ever forget.

Power Karaoke offers not only computer karaoke software of premium quality that allows to sing your favorite songs, but also provides you with the opportunity to burn, play and create your own karaoke songs and video clips. This means that our all-in-one karaoke software offers the opportunities you didn’t even imagine. With full-featured karaoke software solutions from Power Karaoke you can simply make CD+G karaoke songs from scratch or create karaoke versions of your favorite songs with the lyrics and title image.

What will definitely please you is that Power Karaoke computer software contains some extra tools such as advanced players, powerful creators, conversion features and some more exclusive sound tools. Our software is designed specially to meet every whimsical taste and is very easy-to-use at the same time. All you need is to follow our comprehensive tutorials step-by-step and you will know how to enter lyrics, synchronize them with music and create CD+G songs in a matter of minutes

We have high quality software for your computer that will turn it into a real karaoke machine. With Power Karaoke it is not difficult for both karaoke professionals and amateur singers to play and manage karaoke songs without specific technical skills. Take the unique opportunity to test any of our products before initial purchase by downloading our trial versions online.

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