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Karaoke MP3 Player

As a rule, karaoke singing is a preferable choice for amateur singers who would like to perform popular songs in the friends of family circle. If you are going to impress your friends with own singing talent, it will be better to practice own singing skills at the privacy of your own home before visiting a karaoke club. Actually, you don’t need expensive and bulky karaoke equipment anymore to sing karaoke songs at home as Power Karaoke is here to offer you an advanced karaoke MP3 player allowing you to play karaoke MP3 files and record karaoke singing in just a few mouse clicks.

Our Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder is a professional karaoke song player designed to work on your home computer simply changing it into a full-featured karaoke machine. This powerful software allows you to play karaoke MP3, KMA and MIDI files as well as CD+G karaoke discs directly from your CD/DVD drive giving you the perfect opportunity to develop your singing skills and improve your overall performance.

Another perfect way to practice your own singing ability is recording yourself while you sing along to hear what you really sound like and find out in which field you need improvements. With our top-notch quality karaoke MP3 player you can easily record karaoke singing and listen to your recordings later or even create your own singer’s collection!

Performing karaoke songs at home is an exciting activity to do on your own or with your family and friends. Our full-featured and handy in usage karaoke MP3 player will make your life more interesting and easier enabling you to play karaoke MP3 songs, record karaoke singing and even throw a karaoke party at home just with the help of your PC.

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