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Pro Karaoke Software

Are you an ardent karaoke fan? Have you decided to start a lucrative KJ career to turn your hobby into a real job and full-time activity? Along with the right skills and substantial experience, you will also need proper tools to realize your dream. As you probably know, there has recently been a real revolution in the field of karaoke technologies as now with the appearance of various karaoke software solutions it has become possible to play karaoke tracks on a computer or laptop without expensive and bulky equipment.

Frankly speaking, there is a large variety of pro karaoke systems out there that can be downloaded free or for some fee, but if you wish to choose the one with the fullest possible functionality and maximum efficiency, Power Karaoke is here to assist. We offer multi-featured, yet easy-to-use pro karaoke software Siglos Karaoke Professional to provide you with a comprehensive karaoke experience that won’t cost you a fortune.

With Siglos Karaoke Professional there’s no more need to opt for heavy karaoke equipment or carry hundreds of CD+G discs, risking their loss or damage. All your karaoke materials can be stored within your hard drive and easily transferred with your laptop, making your karaoke shows dramatically faster and easier to organize.

Rest assured, our pro karaoke application is fully packed with advanced features and options that the most demanding KJs may require. It supports virtually all popular karaoke formats (MP3G, CD+G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI Karaoke, KMA, MCG) along with various video files, including AVI and MPEG. However, many professional KJs and DJs highly appreciate its ability to play multiplex karaoke CD+G discs that are a special CD+G disc type featuring two tracks for each song contained on the disc - you can turn off lead vocals of the second track whenever required.

Take advantage of the hottest karaoke trends today with Siglos Karaoke Professional from Power Karaoke.

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