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Karaoke CD+G Player

Nowadays everyone has some idea what karaoke is. Moreover, almost everyone has some experience in karaoke singing or even is a fan of such a pastime. And if you are an ardent fun of karaoke, of course, you will try to create from your computer an interactive karaoke machine. Power Karaoke is here to offer you the extensive range of opportunities to improve your home karaoke studio. Non-professional and professional karaoke singers can choose any of our karaoke software tools, allowing to create, burn, convert and play karaoke songs in accordance with their taste and needs. Whether you’d like to play karaoke songs or record your own singing, we have the right karaoke solution for you � Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder.

This karaoke CD+G player is the advanced multi-function software package, which allows you to play CD+G discs from your CD-ROM drive and CD+G songs from hard discs. But our karaoke tool doesn’t restrict you in format usage - you can play karaoke songs in the format of MIDI karaoke, MP3G, BIN and other multimedia formats, supported by Windows. It is even possible to manage the options and settings of karaoke CD+G player: you are able to change the key of songs to better suit your voice, add image backgrounds and so on.

Our karaoke CD+G player includes other useful function for real fun during karaoke singing. You can not only play karaoke songs, but also record your voice while you sing alone. This is a wonderful chance to share your singing later with friends. And even more: karaoke products from Power Karaoke allow you to convert CD+G discs to enjoy favorite karaoke songs in all popular file formats. Such karaoke related software as, for example, Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter from Power Karaoke provides you with the opportunity to convert CD+G to karaoke videos in no time. After you convert CD+G discs you can play them on your computer, DivX-compatible portable devices and DVD-players.

If karaoke is your favorite pastime and you are going to improve your karaoke experience, take advantage of powerful software tools from Power Karaoke and play karaoke songs from the comfort of your own home.

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