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CDG to MP4 Converter Software from Power Karaoke

CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter

An iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet PC - no doubt, you have at least one of these modern portable devices. Are you aware of the fact that today you can enjoy your favorite karaoke pastime just from your iDevice anywhere you go? In other words, you can dramatically extend its functionality by turning it into a portable karaoke machine. Moreover, this is a rather easy task requiring no specific technical knowledge or skills - all what you need to know is how to convert CDG to MP4 format that can be later played on various mobile devices and Power Karaoke is here to assist!

We suggest you to take advantage of our full-featured CDG to MP4 converter software designed to help you convert any karaoke files that you have on your computer or discs into karaoke videos compatible with Apple devices, smartphones and other portable gadgets. It works perfectly with virtually all popular karaoke formats and allows to get the whole conversion process accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Our converter offers you two convenient operational modes - direct disc and hard drive converting. When used in the direct mode, the program reads the content right from your CD+G discs and then converts any chosen files into MP4 videos. You can additionally take advantage of our FreeDB online CD+G disc database to get song titles. The second mode allows to use CDG, BIN, MP3G and other karaoke files from the hard drive of your computer. The built-in batch processing option will save your valuable time as it allows to process multiple files simultaneously without your intervention.

Apart from advanced conversion tools, our software is also ready to provide you with multiple customization opportunities. From now on, you are able to replace a standard and boring background of your CDG tracks with images of your own choice for an ultimate and unique karaoke experience.

Your home PC or laptop with the standard power and functionality is quite enough to use our Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter - no additional hardware or applications are required. It features a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface so they won’t be any difficulties when using it even for people with basic computer skills and limited technical experience.

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