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Advanced Karaoke Software for PC, Play Karaoke on a Home Computer

Advanced Karaoke Software for PC

In fact, there are numerous places on the Internet offering various software solutions to make professional karaoke tracks. However, if you want to purchase something worthy, Power Karaoke is the only online destination you need - here you will find an extensive selection of the most advanced karaoke software tools for PC. From now on you have a unique opportunity to organize wonderful karaoke parties at home, where you can practice your singing skills as much as you want and in the most convenient environment.

Any of our PC karaoke programs is designed to be a superb, multi-functional, yet easy-to-use solution and comes up really handy for both karaoke amateurs and professional singers or KJs. By having some or a complete line of our advanced karaoke software for PC use, you will dramatically enhance your karaoke experience, improve singing skills and, what’s more important, get powerful and sophisticated tools always at hand.

Power Karaoke has developed two advanced karaoke software solutions for playing and recording karaoke songs: Power CD+G Player Pro for playing CD+G discs and MIDI karaoke songs, and Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder supporting all karaoke formats (CD+G, MIDI, MP3, MP3G, BIN, KMA, etc.) and providing even more useful options like a smart key changer tool, managed playlists, full screen mode, dual monitor support, etc.

For those dreaming about their own collection of custom made karaoke discs with exclusive content matching individual music preferences, we offer all-in-one karaoke disc burning programs: Power CD+G Burner to burn CD+G discs using a standard CD/DVD drive and copy CD+G songs directly to a hard disc, and Karaoke DVD Burner to compile and burn custom DVD discs from CD+G discs, MP3G or AVI files that can be played either on a computer or on a standard DVD player.

If you like the idea of creating your own CD+G tracks or even karaoke video clips, then our smart karaoke creator solutions are exactly what you need: with the help of our Karaoke CD+G Creator you can easily create your own karaoke CD+G songs using any MP3, WAV or MIDI file as a soundtrack. Karaoke Video Creator will allow you to make creative karaoke videos with multiple sophisticated effects.

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