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Does your job no longer bring you enough satisfaction? How do you like the idea of earn a living from one of your favorite hobbies - singing karaoke? While being a very exciting and fun entertainment activity, karaoke provides a remarkable opportunity to make good money at the same time by running your own karaoke shows, or in other words, starting a KJ career.

As any other job, karaoke entertainment business also requires that you have proper tools at hand to run your shows effectively. First of all, this refers to professional karaoke systems. While bulky and costly karaoke machines are gradually becoming a thing of the past, computer karaoke software solutions and applications gain more and more popularity among both karaoke amateurs and professionals all over the Globe.

Our Siglos Karaoke Professional is a sophisticated karaoke host solution that comes fully packed with everything you may need to start a successful KJ career. It is designed to be very easy-to-use, powerful and flexible enough for both beginners and those having a substantial experience of running karaoke shows. While being fully compatible with all popular Windows OS versions, including 7, Vista and XP, this program features an intuitive graphical interface that will be surely convenient for any computer user with any technical background.

As a complete karaoke system, Siglos Karaoke Professional perfectly supports virtually all existing karaoke formats, such as CD+G, MP3G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI Karaoke, KMA, MCG as well as various video files, including AVI and MPEG. From now on, you will be able to conveniently store a song database and find any necessary tracks in a matter of seconds, manage singers and rotation automatically, use a smart singer announcement option, make any necessary song modifications using advanced sound processing tools, connect a TV or another monitor to display lyrics while managing a show on your PC or laptop and enjoy many other advanced options.

What's also important about our DJ/KJ karaoke software is its unique automatic operation mode. There may be a case when you’ll have to leave your show for a few minutes and with Siglos Karaoke Professional you can do this with total peace of mind knowing that your show will keep going, the next singer will be announced and the track will start. This is now possible due to the built-in autopilot option - just define any necessary time period and the program will display singer announcement and then start playing predefined karaoke songs.

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