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Karaoke for Computers

Have you ever wondered why people are so excited about singing? It's widely known that singing is an amusing activity that may also help reduce any stress. Singing is a natural need and the perfect way to express emotions and feelings. Indeed, while we are singing our brain releases endorphins that make us feel happier. Not many of us are aware that the power of singing benefits not only our emotional state, but our health as well. When we sing we breath deeply and a lot more oxygen spreads in our blood. That may lower the blood pressure and build up our immune system dramatically. It may sound surprisingly, but singing also stimulates our mind and serves as an excellent exercise for our brain.

In accordance with all the above mentioned singing benefits, karaoke may help you to uplift your mood and heal from any stress. With a variety of karaoke clubs available around the city, it's possible to enjoy this entertainment alone or with your friends. But what if you don't want to go anywhere, looking for a place with karaoke, or you just feel shy singing in public? Power Karaoke is here to assist! We offer a wide selection of full-featured karaoke software solutions for your PC to turn it into a standalone karaoke machine absolutely hassle-free.

Our quality karaoke solutions for computers provide a remarkable opportunity to enjoy all the delight and healing power of singing with your closest people at home. Actually, karaoke may become a highlight of any party, making it really unforgettable. When spending weekends with your children, why not sing on all your favorite family songs together that will help to sustain your relationships and build up your children's health significantly. Take advantage of our PC karaoke programs and sing whenever you wish.

Power Karaoke is proud to offer high-quality, yet affordable karaoke programs for your PC that allow to play virtually all karaoke formats, including MP3, MIDI, BIN, CD+G, MP3+G and many others. Moreover, with the help of our powerful products you can create a CD+G karaoke song, your own AVI video clip, burn, copy and save any CD+G tracks, convert SCDG files and even remove vocals from any song, change its key and tempo to adjust your voice.

All karaoke software solutions from Power Karaoke are user-friendly, easy-to-use and come additionally with step-by-step tutorials for hassle-free performance.

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