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Karaoke Tools: Remove Vocals, Music Key Changer, Change the Tempo of MP3

Karaoke Tools

Since karaoke came into existence in Japan in the early 1970s and gained its popularity as a wonderful entertainment all over the world, there appeared a great variety of karaoke tools allowing to create, burn and play karaoke songs, video files, convert favorite music for karaoke singing and use other options of your PC. Under such circumstances there is no wonder that both karaoke amateurs and professional singers need advanced karaoke tools for audio editing and mastering to better suit their karaoke needs. Whether you would like to remove vocals from popular songs, change the tempo of MP3 tracks or change the key of favorite compositions, Power Karaoke is here to provide you with the full-featured software package for karaoke audio processing.

Our Karaoke Sound Tools contain three modules that can be fine-tuned in real time and work with MP3, WAV, BIN and CDG files. This program package allows you to create multiplex tracks, remove vocals from non-centered recordings and simply adjust vocal removing level to enjoy the melody without a voice.

If you need to adjust the song to your voice, you can take advantage of professional music key changer providing you with real time voice effects for your enjoyment. This music key changer is used to adjust the pitch of music or vocal sound to better suit your voice. You can also change the tempo of MP3 songs and other audio compositions to make it easier to sing. Tempo changer allows you to speed up or slow down the song while retaining the original key of the song.

If karaoke is a center of your own and your family entertainments and you would like to turn your home computer into a real karaoke studio, unique karaoke software package from Power Karaoke is here to meet all your related needs.

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