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Vocal Remover

Do you think it’s very difficult to remove songs vocal completely, but want to amaze your family and friends with your singing skills? Are you tired of spending a lot of time and money for going to karaoke club and have made up your mind to organize karaoke party at your own home? Power Karaoke offers you the full range of software products to let you create karaoke atmosphere with your local PC at the comfort of your own home. Karaoke vocal remover allows to replace the original singer with your voice without any additional equipment while creating your own remixes and allowing to add special effects to your creation.

Karaoke converter software makes it possible to use your computer to create a track list, play karaoke songs on your computer, convert CD+G discs to karaoke videos, convert MP3G files from your hard disc to karaoke videos and many more other options. Removing vocals from audio track has long been a dream of those who want to sing their favorite songs without knowing any computer knowledge and impress their guests with unsurpassed performance.

With obvious positive difference from other software products, karaoke vocal remover solutions from Power Karaoke can transform your computer into all in one home entertainment center. Get a freedom to create your own remixes by removing vocals on almost any audio CD, add special effects to the creation, add lyrics and make any other modifications to your favorite songs in variety of formats. Removing vocals from music might seem difficult as each voice or instrument becomes inextricably mixed into the audio data, but karaoke converter software from Power Karaoke is able to meet any, even the most complex challenges.

Whether you want to record your voice singing along with a song, mix, add real-time voice effects or customize the music for your singing style, karaoke song converter solutions are designed to bring the fun and enjoyment of karaoke club to your home.

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