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Karaoke Show Program

Are you a professional karaoke jockey looking for advanced karaoke software to extend your professional opportunities and make a difference to the way you’re organizing karaoke shows? Do you find it rather challenging to make a deliberate choice between numerous similar products that are currently available on the market? Stop your search here and welcome to PowerKaraoke.com - your one-stop online destination to find top-rated karaoke software designed to become an indispensable tool for professional KJs.

In essence, our Siglos Karaoke Professional is a cutting-edge, full-featured yet rather easy-to-use karaoke show program that allows playing karaoke tracks in various popular formats (including MP3G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI Karaoke, KMA, CD+G, MCG and AVI, MPEG video formats), recording a karaoke singer’s voice while he/she is singing alone and getting fullest possible control of your karaoke show.

For your ultimate convenience, we’ve included in our KJ software solution two operation modes - professional and basic. You can use the professional mode when running your karaoke show or party, while the basic mode is perfect for everyday use. Irrespective of what the mode you choose, be prepared to enjoy an extremely easy, user-friendly graphical interface that users with even basic computer knowledge find very convenient to work with.

There is also one more operation mode our smart karaoke program makes it possible to take advantage of � a fully automatic mode. This option may prove to be very useful if for any reason you have to leave your show for several minutes: Siglos Karaoke Professional allows you to put your show on the autopilot that will display singer announcement for a pre-set amount of time and then will start a song.

For those willing to try our karaoke jockey software before making a final purchase, we offer a free evaluation version that can be easily downloaded from our website - you will get a splendid chance to see all the functionality and benefits of Siglos Karaoke Professional in action.

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