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CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter by PowerKaraoke.com

CD+G to MP4 Converter

MP4 files were the next thing that had made a very important revolution in the music field after MP3 files. MP4, or also known as MPEG-4, is a multimedia file format containing digital audio and video streams. It may also store other data like subtitles and images. Appearance of MP4 music files was especially appreciated by karaoke fans since this format allows to enjoy an unforgettable karaoke pastime along with professional karaoke videos simply on their smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablet PCs, etc. In other words, this is a marvelous opportunity to turn your mobile device into a real portable karaoke machine you can have always at hand.

As an ardent karaoke enthusiast, you definitely have at least a couple of karaoke CD+G disks and a good collection of favorite CD+G tracks on your hard drive. Would you like to know how to convert CD+G to MP4 format on your own? It may surprise you, but any computer or laptop with standard functionality along with basic computer knowledge and skills are quite enough to accomplish this task successfully. Simply take advantage of Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter from PowerKaraoke.com.

Actually, this is our brand-new MP4 video converter software designed to provide you with an easy and fast conversion experience without costing you a fortune. It works perfectly with virtually all popular karaoke formats, including CD+G, BIN, MP3G, etc. and converts them into MP4 video files in a matter of a few simple steps.

For your maximum convenience, Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter provides two conversion modes: 'direct CD+G disc' and 'files from hard disc' converting mode. As it’s quite clear from their names, the first one uses the content of CD+G discs for its conversion process, while the second one converts karaoke tracks into MP4 videos just from your hard drive. With the second mode, you can additionally take advantage of a batch processing tool that allows to convert multiple files without your intervention.

Would you like to add a personal touch to your karaoke videos? Our smart MP4 converter software makes it possible as well. You can take your own photos or any other thematic images to replace default CD+G backgrounds. There are plenty of other advanced options and excellent opportunities Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter has to offer. Download a free trial version and try all its features before initial purchase.

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