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Make Karaoke Tracks

Basically, karaoke process consists of singing the lyrics of a song displayed on a screen to its instrumental version. However, finding the latest karaoke songs or special karaoke recordings can be really tricky if you are a karaoke fan with the impressive collection of karaoke CDs. Power Karaoke is ready to help you eliminate endless searches for karaoke discs providing you with a powerful karaoke track maker designed to show how to create karaoke tracks in a few easy steps from the comfort of your own home.

Our Karaoke CD+G Creator makes karaoke entertainment available for virtually anyone as it allows creating karaoke tracks from scratch. Essentially, this all-in-one karaoke track maker allows you to create karaoke tracks using any MP3 or WAV file as a karaoke soundtrack as well as remove lead vocal from non-karaoke CD recordings.

This is really easy to make karaoke tracks yourself with Karaoke CD+G Creator as our karaoke track maker includes a wizard-style interface enabling you to perform all operations just with a few mouse clicks. Moreover, besides creating karaoke tracks with lyrics, you can customize your songs with graphics, title, credit screens, etc.

In addition, with a full-featured karaoke track maker from Power Karaoke you will not only learn how to create karaoke tracks, but also enjoy all the benefits of karaoke singing. Our Karaoke CD+G Creator includes free Power CD+G Player meaning that all karaoke songs you create can be easily played on your computer allowing you to share a wonderful karaoke pastime with your friends and family.

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