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Best Program to Remove Vocals: Pull Vocals Out of a Song with Karaoke Sound Tools 3

Program to Remove Vocals

Finding powerful, multifunctional and still affordably priced software that removes vocals from songs may turn to be a real challenge for anyone, but not for you, if you visit PowerKaraoke.com - one of the leading karaoke software development companies with a solid field experience and extremely wide product range to match any related needs and requirements of both karaoke amateurs and professionals.

We take special pride by offering you our Karaoke Sound Tools 3 that is ranked as one of the best programs to remove vocals from songs. Actually, this is a sophisticated, fully-functional karaoke audio processing tool allowing to create a karaoke version from any non-karaoke recording and then customize it to your individual voice. Now, let's overview three basic features provided.

Vocal Remover is designed to remove vocals from MP3, WAV, BIN and CD+G tracks as well as from many other popular formats. It also allows to pull vocals out of non-centered recordings by using balance. You can control the amount of treble and bass processing, adjust karaoke voice while removing level and output attenuation and create multiplex karaoke songs - special tracks with an instrumental version in the right channel and an original song (vocals) in the left channel.

The next tool is the Key Changer that is focused to adjust any song to your voice. Thus, it provides an opportunity to change the pitch tone up to 12 semitones either up or down. It's worth to point out that music instruments have no chipmunk effect or time speed up or down after processing, while the original song tempo is retained at the same level. You can also process karaoke tracks with lyrics (MP3G and BIN).

If you need to change the song tempo by speeding it up or slowing down, then the Tempo Changer may come in very handy. It may change the song tempo two times faster or slower, while retaining obviously the original song key. Make sure, when processing ready-made karaoke songs, lyrics will be also adjusted to be in sync with the new tempo.

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