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Fast and Easy Karaoke Copying with Power Karaoke

Karaoke Copying

With the tremendous evolution of karaoke industry, CD+G discs have become the most popular compact disc format used in both professional karaoke entertainment venues and high performance home karaoke systems. If you can't imagine your life without singing and own impressive collection of karaoke songs and CD+G discs, wouldn't you enjoy the ability to copy original karaoke CDs and burn your own CD+Gs to expand your karaoke library without spending a fortune?

With modern computer and professional audio editing software capable of ripping and writing CD+G discs, burning and copying karaoke discs in the comfort of your own home is not a highly complicated task anymore. Most of commonly used CD/DVD drives do not support the CD+G format, since it uses a special extension with stored graphics data for displaying on-screen lyrics when you sing karaoke. In such a way, copying karaoke CDs that contain CD+G files is entirely different from copying standard discs with songs, movies, games or any other digital content, due to the aforementioned graphics data being probably the hardest part to write.

Whether you are going to make backup copies of karaoke discs, rip custom CD+G discs or burn professional karaoke CDs with your favorite songs, Power Karaoke is ready to address all your related needs. We take special pride in announcing an all-in-one solution for CD+G karaoke copying and burning. Our Power CD+G Burner allows you to effectively perform various tasks with your karaoke discs without getting distracted by using too many tools and utilities at once.

From now on, you can turn your home computer into a personal karaoke disc recording studio. Our powerful karaoke copying software is designed to help you either copy full CD+G discs or create individual track compilations in a matter of minutes. You can also rip CD+G tracks to a hard disc in preferred BIN or CDG+MP3 formats with absolutely no hassle and quality loss. Moreover, Power CD+G Burner is also an excellent solution for burning BIN tracks, KMA files or CDG/MP3 (MP3+G) songs onto a single CD of the same quality as commercial karaoke discs provide.

As one of the most long-serving and reputable companies with utmost dedication and commitment to both karaoke professionals and occasional home singing enthusiasts, Power Karaoke makes the process of burning and copying karaoke CDs as simple, quick and rewarding as possible. The days of time-consuming complex encoding, interleaving, converting and burning are in the past. With our innovative software, it's a matter of selecting the files you would like to write or copy. Just click and go!

You can also take advantage of our standalone Power CD+G Stamper designed to customize the existing collection of CD+G karaoke discs with a special signature (text or image of your choice) in order to make it more unique and personalized. In such a way, after you copy or burn any karaoke CD with the help of our powerful software products, you instantly get a wonderful opportunity to protect your own CD+G discs from having them copied, distributed or resold.

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