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Karaoke is a growing pastime in Western world and if you haven't tried it yet, you really should. You'll quickly understand what the �rage of glory� is! But you don’t have to buy a karaoke DVD player in order to entertain yourself and your guests at a party - there is much more affordable, powerful and easy to use solution for doing this. You can easily use your personal computer and our software to make professional karaoke CD+G discs and ensure really unique entertainment for your party guests. As there is nothing easier than to make your own karaoke CDs with the help of Power Karaoke software!

If you are a keen karaoke singer, Power Karaoke is here to provide you with a wonderful opportunity to create your own karaoke CDs with the help of our powerful karaoke software solutions. On Power Karaoke website you will find a wide selection of best software to make karaoke discs with minimum efforts and without any specific knowledge.

Here you will find probably the best karaoke software available on the Web to burn and copy, play and record, convert, process and create karaoke songs. With the help of our software to create professional karaoke CD’s you will be able to create CD+G karaoke songs from scratch, using any MP3 or WAV song as a soundtrack and a text file as karaoke lyrics, or you may import MIDI karaoke (KAR) and convert it to CD+G song.

We can affirm that software we offer is the best software to make karaoke songs as it allows to burn CD+G karaoke discs on your computer, save CD+G karaoke tracks to a hard disc, copy CD+G karaoke discs and do many other related things with all-in-one karaoke PC software.

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