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Vocal Removal Software

Undoubtedly, if you are a karaoke admirer, you probably have a large karaoke music database at home, but unfortunately, not all songs are available today in karaoke format. So many people would like to know how to remove vocals from MP3 songs and make their own back tracks to sing favorite songs in the privacy of their own home or share a wonderful karaoke pastime with friends. Power Karaoke is ready to provide you with Karaoke CD+G Creator � feature-rich vocal removal software to remove the vocal tracks from a pre-existing song and create a karaoke version absolutely hassle-free.

Essentially, our MP3 vocal remover is designed to help users create CD+G karaoke versions of any songs with lyrics, title image and credits image as well as remove vocals from a CD track and make high-quality instrumental songs from many non-karaoke recordings. Moreover, by using our powerful vocal removal software you can easily enhance your karaoke music with various visual effects including fonts, colors, graphical labels, etc.

If you are thinking that it is very difficult to remove vocals from a CD recording for a non-technical user, just start running our advanced MP3 vocal remover and you will be amazed with its performance and convenience. This user-friendly vocal removal software comes with wizard-style interface and step-by-step tutorials showing you how to remove vocals from MP3 songs without any hassles.

Actually, the easiest way to get karaoke songs is to buy special karaoke CD+G discs coming without vocals. But if that is not an option, our professional vocal remover will help to remove vocals from any CD track, providing you with the perfect chance to create your own karaoke versions of favorite songs in just a few easy steps.

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