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Program to Create Karaoke: Create Karaoke Songs from MP3

Program to Create Karaoke

Since karaoke has gained a wide popularity all over the world, people start spending money on their singing passion. Someone visit various karaoke clubs and others prefer to practice karaoke at home by organizing a great karaoke party or just singing alone. But when you are planning to organize a karaoke event, you need to have a large selection of different tracks to sing as well as the best karaoke equipment to play, right?

Power Karaoke is here to help you save a fortune on your favorite entertainment. Simply imagine how much hassles and costs you will avoid, if you can create your own karaoke tracks just on a home computer! No necessity to buy expensive karaoke discs, no time-wasting on endless searches for the new songs... We will show you how to create karaoke music from the scratch in a matter of minutes.

Our Karaoke CD+G Creator is a professional program to create karaoke songs from MP3 and WAV files. Besides making CD+G karaoke versions of your favorite tracks with lyrics, title image, and credits image, you can use Vocal Remover to remove lead vocal from many non-karaoke CD recordings and create CD+G songs from them. In addition, our powerful software allows you to import KAR (MIDI Karaoke) files and convert these files into CD+G (generally, MIDI files are ideally suited for karaoke as they do not contain vocals and can be easily found on the Web).

Tracks created with Karaoke CD+G Creator can be easily played on your DVD player as well as in any karaoke machine. Free Power CD+G Player (that comes with our karaoke program) allows you to play karaoke songs just from your PC (both in a window and full screen mode). Moreover, there are a lot of unique features that are included in our advanced creator software designed to control the look of your CD+G songs by adding extra dimension with colors, images and countdowns, save and load your projects to work on them later, and other tasks.

Keep in mind that there is hardly any other program that can provide you with the ability to create your own karaoke files with such ease. We’ve designed our Karaoke CD+G Creator for both non-technical users and professionals. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done karaoke songs before � just follow our step-by-step guide to enter lyrics, synchronize them to the audio, set additional options and create professional quality CD+G songs in a matter of minutes.

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