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Many karaoke amateurs and professionals as well often face the problem of playing tracks from their Super CD+G (SCDG) disks. Actually, the issue is that this compressed karaoke format created by CAVS (Corporate Audio Visual Services) was primarily intended for playing in karaoke machines or particular players. It contains a specific graphical component to display on-screen lyrics while playing a karaoke track. However, this component isn't compatible with standard DVD players and computer CD/DVD drives. For those who have no karaoke machine at hand, but still are eager to enjoy karaoke songs from their SCDG discs, there is an ideal way out - to rip these discs and covert their tracks into MP3G or any other format that is fully supported by DVD players and drives.

How long have you been trying to extract songs from your Super CDG disks to your local drive and then convert MP3 and SCDG files into MP3G format? Stop wasting your valuable time and welcome to Power Karaoke! We're here not only to show you the easiest way to rip and convert SCDGs, but also provide you with a powerful, yet easy-to-use and affordable tool - Power SCDG Ripper.

Our Power SCDG Ripper is a unique software solution that successfully combines two crucial missions by serving as a SCDG ripper and SCDG to MP3G converter. As you probably know, the process of ripping implies saving audio and video files from discs (both CD and DVD) or any other removable media to a computer hard drive. After copying, these files are available for further conversion. The ripping process doesn't cause change or damage of audio and video data, so that you will get karaoke tracks of the same quality, but now they are easy to play on your standard PC, laptop or DVD player.

With our full-fledged SCDG to MP3G converter you can easily choose any necessary tracks from any SCDG disk and then save them to your hard drive in more convenient format, including MP3G, CDG, ZIP or BIN in a matter of a few minutes. Additionally, you're allowed to use a built-in song filter to sort and find necessary tracks quickly. Due to the automatic naming option, you will have each and every song named in accordance with your individual needs.

In such a way, Power SCDG Ripper from Power Karaoke allows you to avoid the necessity to spend a fortune on expensive and bulky karaoke machines or suffer from the frustration of having your SCDG disks unused. What's also rather important, our advanced converter program features an intuitive, user-friendly interface and comes fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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