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Karaoke CD+G to Video Converter

Do you have an extensive collection of CD+G karaoke discs? Would you like to improve your karaoke experience by converting your current CD+G tracks into karaoke videos? Now imagine that you can convert CD+G to video files just using the power of your home PC or laptop without any professional karaoke equipment. This is absolutely real if you use Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter from Power Karaoke.

Actually, it is a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use software solution allowing to convert CD+G discs and CDG/MP3G/BIN files from a hard disc to karaoke videos in AVI or MPEG formats. Your newly created tracks can be easily played either on your computer, DVD player or DivX-compatible portable device.

Our fully functional karaoke CD+G to video converter software can be used effectively in two modes: direct CD+G disc converting mode and files from hard disc converting mode. With the first mode you can read the content of any CD+G disc directly with the most CD+G drives and then convert it by making a few mouse clicks. The second mode implies the conversion of BIN files (containing both graphics and audio) and CDG, also known as MP3+G, files from your hard disc into karaoke video files.

If you computer is connected to the Internet, you can additionally take advantage of a FreeDB online database to display song titles. By using JPG, BMP and PNG files you may also replace default CD+G background with the image of your choice.

Our karaoke CD+G to video converter also allows to modify compression settings with your AVI and MPEG video file. From now on you can determine the parameters of the destination video (width, height, border), use one of the predefined compression modes, define custom size and/or bitrate, enter a custom value for video and audio bitrates, specify whether you want to multiplex (combine audio and video streams after conversion) your MPEG file, etc.

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