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Power Karaoke offers you the extensive range of top quality programs that will help you sing karaoke songs in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a good music entertainment for your wedding, company picnic, kid’s birthday party or another holiday, karaoke is a universal tool that will ensure your guests get positive emotions and joy.

Our karaoke music software is specially developed to provide you with all necessary tools for professional karaoke singing, including karaoke creating, burning, playing, converting programs, karaoke vocal remover software and other.

Well, the first step you should undertake is to create karaoke version of your favorite song with lyrics and title images. For this purpose you should better use our Karaoke CD+G Creator. To remove vocals from original soundtrack use our special vocal remover program bundle called Karaoke Sound Tools.

Can you imagine having all your favorite popular songs as karaoke versions? Our unique karaoke vocal remover software will help you to realize this idea. It consists of 3 modules: vocal remover, key changer and tempo changer. The first module of our vocal remover program will remove vocals even from low quality recordings and control tone processing. Second module will allow you to change the key of the song to better suit your voice, change the pitch and process your karaoke songs with lyrics. If it is not so comfortable for you to sing a song in the original tempo, a third module of our vocal remover program will change a tempo of the song in accordance with your wishes. Moreover, our karaoke vocal remover software process the most popular file formats like MP3, WAV, BIN and others.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make a karaoke CD or DVD disc from all your favorite songs using karaoke music software? We hope that on our website you will find everything you may need for the advanced karaoke singing.

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