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KJ Karaoke Software

You don’t need to invest a fortune in expensive and sophisticated karaoke machines to start your career as a KJ � take advantage of a full-featured PC KJ karaoke software solution from Power Karaoke � Siglos Karaoke Professional! This advanced karaoke player allows you to run a karaoke show from your laptop and manage every aspect of its performance.

Actually, our all-in-one KJ karaoke software solution is designed to perfectly match the needs of individual karaoke fans planning to impress their guests with an extraordinary party with a lot of singing and fun as well as professional karaoke jockeys focusing strictly on building a karaoke entertainment business as well. Advanced karaoke player software from Power Karaoke comes with a high-end karaoke player engine that allows to make multiple manipulations while running a karaoke show from your laptop.

You won’t face any problem with file format reading as this advanced karaoke player software allows to play various karaoke formats, including MP3G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI Karaoke (MID and KAR), KMA and also supports video formats such as AVI and MPEG. As a professional KJ karaoke software solution, Siglos Karaoke Professional includes everything you may need to run a karaoke show from your laptop with ease and in a professional manner: powerful database support, automatic singer rotation management, singer announcement and history, song silence detector and many others.

Stop keeping hundreds of discs, risking their damage and loss as now you can run a karaoke show from your laptop. Enjoy the best KJ experience with sophisticated KJ karaoke software Siglos Karaoke Professional from Power Karaoke!

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