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PC Karaoke DVD Burner: Burn Karaoke DVD Discs, Compile a Karaoke DVD, Software to Burn a Karaoke DVD

PC Karaoke DVD Burner

There are plenty of programs and tools for burning karaoke DVDs available on the market today. But for those who appreciate quality, reliability and simplicity combined together, Power Karaoke offers our advanced PC Karaoke DVD Burner that allows to compile karaoke DVDs from CD+G songs and burn karaoke DVD discs in a matter of minutes.

Actually, Power Karaoke DVD Burner is a full-featured and yet user-friendly software solution to burn karaoke DVD discs with compilations of CD+G songs. BIN, MP3G (pairs of CD+G and MP3 files) or AVI files are also compatible formats to compile a karaoke DVD. You can read these tracks from your hard drive or CD+G discs directly using a built-in CD+G disc reader.

Our PC Karaoke DVD Burner is not an average software tool to burn karaoke DVD discs � it has a bulk of additional handy and useful features to make this process a real pleasure for you. It automatically creates menus for DVD discs and adds navigation buttons if needed. Smart Add function allows you to scan the disc for karaoke files and automatically create folders based on ID3 tags or file names. You can also use predefined DVD styles or define your own with a built-in Style Editor while you burn and compile karaoke DVDs.

Power Karaoke DVD Burner doesn’t require any specific equipment to run � use your standard CD/DVD drive to burn and compile a karaoke DVD, which can be further played on any DVD player. Take advantage of our user-friendly software to burn karaoke DVD discs and create your own collection of favorite karaoke songs.

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