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Karaoke Ripping Software

Do you face any difficulties while saving tracks from your CD+G or SCDG discs to your home computer or laptop? This is no wonder, as most of standard CD/DVD drives don’t support the function of graphical component ripping of songs from karaoke discs. Actually, this component allows to present on-screen lyrics while playing a song. It is also contained in Super CDG or SCDG discs - a specific karaoke DVD format that is used to play records in karaoke machines and typically not compatible with standard DVD players. What have you to do in such a case?

Frankly speaking, purchasing an external drive or any other additional equipment can be rather costly while making the whole process messy and time consuming. Power Karaoke is here to show you the easiest way for ripping karaoke discs - Power SCDG Ripper! It’s a stand-alone, all-in-one karaoke ripping software solution designed to allow you rip songs from SCDG discs and save them on a hard drive of your computer with unmatched ease.

In fact, ripping refers to copying audio and video contents from various removable media, including CD and DVD discs to a hard disc with the added opportunity to convert and shift formats later. What is also very important, neither media nor video and audio data are damaged during the ripping process.

From now on you can try all the benefits of ripping with Power SCDG Ripper. This sophisticated SCDG converter makes it incredibly easy to choose tracks from a SCDG disc and then save them to your hard drive in the most convenient format like MP3G, ZIP, BIN or CDG. Moreover, we’ve also included the automatic naming option to allow you name any song as you need and the song filter for easy sorting and quick search.

Start using our all-in-one karaoke ripping software Power SCDG Ripper to extract karaoke songs from SCDG discs in a few easy steps and enjoy a wonderful karaoke pastime in your home environment.

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