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DVD Karaoke Burner Software - How to Create Karaoke DVDs with Karaoke DVD Burner

DVD Karaoke Burner Software

Real karaoke fans can spend a fortune on creating their own collection of karaoke discs and finding karaoke versions of the latest hits. In order to get a desirable song they rather often purchase the whole disc, even if other songs don’t interest them. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue when you know how to create karaoke DVDs yourself.

Power Karaoke takes special pride by offering advanced DVD Karaoke Burner software � a state-of-the-art and indispensable solution for karaoke singers of any level, from karaoke enthusiasts to keen karaoke fans.

Developed using the most cutting-edge technologies and fully packaged with the smartest tools and options, our Karaoke DVD Burner software allows you to burn your own karaoke DVD discs with exclusive content in a professional manner using your home computer functionality. Now you can easily create karaoke DVD discs with hundreds of songs from CD+G discs and CD+G tracks, MP3G, BIN or AVI files.

Our DVD Karaoke Burner tool automatically creates handy menus for a disc and allows you to select the way folders will be organized. The root menu of your disc will include the folder list (it may be extended to several pages if needed) and menu items with actual tracks. You can choose to arrange your karaoke songs either in alphabetic order, by genre or by a karaoke disc they came from.

Additionally, this software solution allows you to use ID3 from MP3 files or parse the filenames to determine artist name and song title. Be assured, all DVD karaoke discs you compile and burn with our high-end DVD Karaoke Burner software work perfectly in any of karaoke players.

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