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Pro Karaoke Player - Professional CD+G Karaoke System from Power Karaoke

Pro Karaoke Player

As a music fan who likes singing, you'll surely appreciate the indisputable benefits of karaoke. This type of interactive entertainment is one of the best ways to enjoy singing. Whether you’ve always dreamed of performing in front of a large audience as your favorite star or just want to have some fun with friends singing popular hits, karaoke entertainment can be an ideal choice. The concept of karaoke implies singing along with recorded music while following lyrics displayed on a video screen to guide the singer. Moreover, due to the range of professional karaoke players from Power Karaoke, you can enjoy this amazing activity whenever and wherever you want.

From now on you are able to enjoy karaoke entertainment and practise your singing ability from the comfort of your own home. Power Karaoke is proud to offer karaoke fans Power CD+G Player Pro and Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder - pro karaoke player software packages that come with user-friendly features allowing you to play karaoke discs on your computer even if you have limited technical background.

You can turn your home PC into a fully-functional karaoke machine that will bring you a lot of joy and entertainment with a single mouse click. Simply download a CD+G player that meets your needs to the fullest and install it on your computer. Our advanced karaoke programs make it possible to play CD+G discs directly from your CD/DVD drive and CD+G songs (MP3G and ZIP) from the hard disc. In such a way, you have complete freedom to enjoy a wonderful karaoke pastime alone and build up own confidence performing a new song.

Our Power CD+G Player Pro is an all-in-one CD+G karaoke player that supports BIN and CDG (MP3G) file formats as well as many other popular multimedia formats (AVI, MPEG, etc.). You can easily manage your collection of karaoke tracks and adjust the songs to your voice to improve singing. However, if you would like to have more options, we advise you to take advantage of our Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder.

This advanced CD+G karaoke system allows you to play all the most popular multimedia file formats like MP3G, zipped MP3G, MID, KAR, KMA, MCG and others. You are also able to record your voice when singing alone.

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