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How to Make Karaoke Discs: Make Karaoke CD Discs

How to Make Karaoke Discs

Karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment allowing amateur singers to sing along with the recorded music, in which the voice of the original artist is removed or reduced in volume. That’s why, there is a special file format (CD+G) that was created to play karaoke easily and quickly. Generally, CD+G karaoke discs contain additional tracks displaying the song lyrics on a TV screen when played on the karaoke machine or player.

Would you like to have an opportunity to always sing the songs you like on any karaoke party or show? Whatever the reasons for making your own karaoke CDs you may have, Power Karaoke is here to address any your related needs.

We take special pride by offering you our Power CD+G Burner as an all-in-one solution for writing, reading and copying CD+G discs. Forget about time-consuming and tedious encoding, interleaving, converting and burning! Our powerful karaoke burner allows you to make karaoke CD discs containing only the songs you like.

With our Power CD+G Burner you can save any CD+G tracks to your hard disc as BIN, MP3G (CDG + MP3), ZIP (compressed MP3G) or CDG + WAV files and burn them on the most of modern CD/DVD drives. You have two different choices - either to make a CD+G disc that features a single artist or create a compilation of songs from various karaoke CDs.

Fully-functional karaoke burner software from Power Karaoke will turn your home computer into a powerful karaoke machine. You may rest assured that making your own karaoke CDs is an extremely easy and hassle-free process. If you’ve decided that it’s high time to build your CD+G discs collection, simply add tracks you would like to sing, choose the order of songs on the disc and click a button to burn your own karaoke disc.

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