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CD+G Track Creator, Convert MIDI to CD+G Karaoke with Karaoke CD+G Creator

How to Create Karaoke CD+G Tracks

Some karaoke fans still do not know how to make CD+G karaoke songs on standard PCs almost in no time and even have no idea of a karaoke CD+G track creator availability. If you also used to consider karaoke files creating as the task for professionals only, Powerkaraoke is here to reveal this myth! We’re ready to offer you Karaoke CD+G Creator with ultimate functionality and ability to convert MIDI to CD+G tracks easily and absolutely hassle-free.

Our software comes with a wide set of advanced tools and features to let you enjoy an unforgettable karaoke pastime with your family and friends. With the best karaoke CD+G creator from Power Karaoke you can import and then convert MIDI to CD+G karaoke files (tool for searching for MIDI karaoke on the Web is included), create CD+G karaoke songs from scratch or take advantage of a built-in Vocal Remover to remove vocals from usual CD recordings.

If you have a limited technical background, don’t despair as our karaoke CD+G tracks creator includes step-by-step tutorials to make the process of CD+G karaoke songs creating as simple and convenient for you as possible. When you’re done with the creating process, you can play your own CD+G songs just from your hard disc using our free Power CD+G Player included.

Moreover, you can apply your own visual styles, add title and credit images, adjust fonts, colors and display settings to make your custom CD+G track standing out from the crowd. Use any of MP3 or WAV files from your local disc as a soundtrack or convert MIDI karaoke to CD+G without any specific skills required.

No matter, how simple or complex your karaoke creating needs are, our Karaoke CD+G Creator will get the job done in just a few easy steps! Download a free trial version of this software today to test all its functionality without spending a dime.

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