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Video Karaoke Program

Karaoke song in the classic meaning is a special version of a popular hit coming with no or reduced singer’s vocal and music, accompanied by leading lyrics on the video screen. But today you are able to enhance your favorite karaoke songs even more with special movies and create your own karaoke videos from the comfort of your own home! Power Karaoke is proud to offer you Karaoke Video Creator � a full-featured video karaoke program to create karaoke music videos on your PC.

Nothing is impossible with our Karaoke Video Creator offering karaoke fans an excellent chance to enjoy karaoke music videos while performing favorite tracks. Our advanced video karaoke program comes with all options you may need to make karaoke video songs on your own using any MP3 or WAV files as soundtracks. Actually, you can make your own karaoke videos in AVI or MPEG formats enhancing them with graphics and text effects of your choice.

Our powerful video karaoke program will allow you to make karaoke music videos of almost the same quality as in a professional karaoke studio, but in a more convenient and easy way. Even if you don’t have any technical background, don’t panic � step-by-step tutorials included with our Karaoke Video Creator will show you how to make your own karaoke videos in a few mouse clicks.

If you are one of those karaoke fans who are bored of standard functions numerous karaoke programs have to offer and interested in making karaoke video songs yourself, it’s high time to take advantage of our all-in-one video karaoke program. Our powerful software to create karaoke music videos provides you with advanced functionality along with user-friendly interface to turn your home PC into a fully-equipped karaoke studio in a matter of minutes.

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