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MP3+G Burner, Burn MP3+G Files with Power CD+G Burner

MP3+G Burner

Do you like to sing in the shower? Are you humming the tune of a song while driving, cooking or working? Then you should probably love karaoke as it’s the best way to enjoy singing and feel yourself like a real star. Do you spend hundreds of dollars on your singing passion visiting various karaoke clubs and purchasing custom karaoke CDs? With Power Karaoke, you can easily turn your home computer into a multi-functional karaoke machine and build your own collection of karaoke discs to entertain your family and friends.

How do you like the idea to make custom CD+Gs just from your home PC? Advanced Power CD+G Burner from Power Karaoke is a full-featured solution for ripping and burning MP3+G files on the most of modern CD/DVD drives. If you are a keen karaoke singer, it’s a perfect opportunity to save a fortune on purchasing expensive karaoke equipment and new discs as well as stop wasting time on encoding, interleaving, converting and other tedious tasks.

You may now wonder why to purchase our powerful burning software if it’s possible to write karaoke CDs on a standard CD/DVD burner? It’s not that simple! As you probably know, karaoke discs are specially formatted discs that contain audio, text and pictures. While using such computer programs as Power CD+G Burner, you can easily create and burn your own karaoke CDs from the comfort of your own home.

Actually, our professional software is a full-featured MP3+G burner program designed to burn MP3+G files, KMA, BIN, ZIP and MCG songs that works with most of modern CD/DVD burners. You can also save CD+G tracks to your hard disc as well as make copies of your favorite karaoke discs with a single mouse click.

While providing you with the ability to create custom CD+G discs that contain the particular tracks you want, Power CD+G Burner doesn’t have a complex user interface. Burning MP3+G songs has never been easier � you just choose a list of your favorite songs you would like to burn and click a button.

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