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Nowadays it is rather hard to imagine any party or entertaining event without karaoke singing. Indeed, karaoke is a wonderful invention that has become a national entertainment in various countries around the Globe. Who could think in 1970s when karaoke was invented in Japan that in several years it would become entertainment number one even in the US? If karaoke is so popular, why not to create your own karaoke center at home and have a wonderful pastime? PowerKaraoke is ready to provide you with powerful and affordable karaoke programs to create karaoke files on your PC fast and easily.

The word "karaoke" comes from the joining of two Japanese words: ' Kara'(empty) and 'Okie' (short for orchestra). Rather than including both vocals and music, karaoke music tracks include only the song's music. The vocal is provided by a live person, not a professional, who holding a microphone, sings while following the words displayed on a screen or in a lyric book. If you want to have your personal karaoke entertainment center at home, program to create karaoke files from PowerKaraoke is the solution, you were looking for a while.

PowerKaraoke allows you to download karaoke program directly on your computer and create karaoke songs without any hassles even if you are a beginner. From now on with the help of karaoke program from PowerKaraoke you can not only play your favorite karaoke songs and sing them, you can also rip ordinary songs to instrumental songs in no time.

With PowerKaraoke you can download karaoke programs to burn and copy, play and record, convert and create karaoke files without any hassles. Use karaoke program from PowerKaraoke and stop wasting time on encoding, interleaving, converting, and burning. Power CD+G Burner is all you need to write, read, and copy CD+Gs so that you don’t need to waste money on third party software.

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